Endpoint integrations

We’ll ingest the alert signal from your endpoint solution, add context and surface up the alerts that matter so our analysts can quickly chase them down. We also exercise endpoint products’ investigative capabilities so we can give you answers

SIEM integrations

We’ll connect directly to your SIEM whether it lives on-prem or in the cloud. We ingest data, and run ad-hoc queries to detect suspicious activity and gather investigative data to uncover attackers’ footprints.

Network integrations

We sift through all of the noise coming from your network devices, find suspicious activity and follow the investigative trail to determine what happened. We’ll provide context about the incident and what actions to take.

Cloud integrations

We’ve got you covered in the cloud. We ingest signal from your cloud infrastructure and SaaS apps and watch for signs of suspicious activity and unusual user behavior. We’ll also let you know about possible policy violations.

Other tech integrations

We work with different ticketing, authentication, and call management products, so we fit seamlessly into your processes. Interested in another type of integration? Let’s talk.