Do You Find Yourself Interested In Any Of These? If Yes, Maybe We Can Help.

Moving To the Cloud

Is there no one or required tech to watch over when you are “moving to the cloud”.

Cloud Service Alerts

Unsure what to do with the alerts you receive from your cloud services.

App Security

Get serious about securing your recently built custom app in AWS.

Find Out What Aws, Gcp, And Azure Include In 24/7 Response And Detection.

Let Qoside enriched your log data and ingest your events with context to what is required around you. Next, we set a search for any attacker behavior signs. With anything suspicious we find in our investigations, we let you know what happened and what next needs to be done (in plain English).

Reduce Alert-To-Fix Time

Count the time it takes to deliver a pizza, and it will take even less to triage alerts and respond to the most suspicious behavior.

Free Up Your Analysts’ Time.

Let your team focus on unique security risks in your business while we chase down your alerts.

Update an Extra Layer of Cloud Security

Each cloud provider tailors to our response and detection strategy which tops up an added layer of security.

Fix From Where It Started

We explain to you the business impact of packing details on repeated events and let you know ways to fix them.