Replace My Mssp

Avoid alerts to minimize unwanted workloads for yourself and the team, time to toss over them

Notifying You with Alerts

After figuring that you are facing trouble, we send you alerts for 12 hours (or even days).

Point to their SLA

Whenever you ask them for something, they shake their head and point to the SLA.

So What Is Transparent Managed Security?

What does transparent manage security sound to you? Well, it is what MDR & MSSPs providers take to break up the proprietary black-box approach. You can keep a time to time watch on our analysts whenever you want.
Keeping a check on the box or meeting the SLA is not our goal instead, we are here to make sure your security is improving measurably. Moreover, you won’t have to wait for the renewal to know-how and in what ways things are getting better.

Ways to Improvise Your Life

Get Answers Instead Of Alerts

There won’t be any unwanted alerts standing by to create more work instead, you will receive answers to what needs to be done.

Use Your Already Owned Tools

We will take care of the tools you own rather than stacking our techs on you.

Faster Results

You will observe Qoside value in just a couple of weeks.
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Secure GCP, Azure, or AWS fast!
Learn ways to serve a grip on your cloud security.
Receive a SOC overnight
Without even investing, you can enjoy the securities delivered by the modern operation center.
Change your managed security provider
Find out what your managed security relationship could be.

Make your team happier

Your team will be happier because they can focus on the work they love.