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Building and growing a SOC

Is building a SOC the next step to your growth?

Do you want to get rid of these alerts?

Are you tired of chasing down each fake alert?

Did your MSSP disappoint you again?

Or maybe you are just disappointed in your MSSP, our page can help you with that.

What Is SOC-As-A-Service?

Known as virtual SOC, SOC-as-a-Service solutions share new options that work along even traditional managed security services. For those organizations that aren’t able to justify the staffing and building of their own SOC, SOC-as-a-Service solutions permit them to rent these capabilities. While other organizations use SOC-as-a-Service solutions for offloading routine monitoring such that their own security teams can focus on critical risks. Some use SOC-as-a-Service for conveying a transition to their own fully managed SOC.

Why Get Your SOC-As-A-Service From Qoside?

Focus on what matters

Make sure your best security people focus on the risks that matter most to your business.

You can collaborate

We show everything out, which leading you to see what our analysts do 24/7. Collaborate as you like.

Receive value quickly

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We let you focus on what you love by doing the tasks that you hate the most.