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Microsoft Solutions to Your Issues

We apply our detection strategy to each of Microsoft’s core services. Thus, the value of your investment is as clear as clear blue skies.

If any of this sounds like you, the chances are good that we can help:
• You put your eggs in the Microsoft basket and want to get the most out of it.
• You are moving to Azure and need help securing your new hybrid world.
• You are using 365, and you need to detect BEC attacks before they happen.
• You have a Defender and Sentinel in place and need a triage “easy button.”

When it comes to monitoring your Microsoft environment, there is no limit (perhaps that’s why they call it Azure). With so many tools, it can be challenging to know where to start and what to do. We apply our discovery strategy to each of the core Microsoft services. So the value of your investment is evident as the sky (okay, the Azure pun is enough).

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What Does Qoside For Microsoft Comprise Of?

Qoside automates security operations in the Microsoft stack by importing tokens from Endpoint Defender, Azure, Sentinel, Office 365, and MCAS. We apply our detection strategy to these alerts to detect suspicious login activity, data filtering, remote desktop protocol (RDP) activity, or unusual mailbox rules. We’ve even added our cloud detection functionality (where it’s needed most) to ensure that suspicious activity is detected before corruption occurs.
When something looks suspicious, we will investigate and let you know what happened and what to do about it in simple English as it’s easy for anyone to understand.

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Security of the Cloud

Be aware of what looks ‘good’ when taking risky actions with your cloud infrastructure providers.

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Getting SOC Overnight

Establishing or buying a SOC is an issue that growing organizations often face, so you’re not alone. 

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Replacing My MSSP

It’s okay if you’ve exceeded your MSSP. The field of managed security services has changed a lot lately. See how Qoside compares.

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Protest against BEC

Following the links and clicking the attachments is a part of our users’ job, and they are not perfect. Hence, we protect your users so that they can focus on completing their work without worries.

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