Microsoft Solutions Pre

If any of these sounds like you, chances are we can help.

You’ve put your “eggs” in the Microsoft basket and want to get the most value out of it

You’re migrating to Azure and need help securing a new hybrid world

You’re using O365 and need to catch BEC attacks before they happen

You’ve got Defender and Sentinel in place and need a triage “easy button”

24×7 detection and response for …

On-prem infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure

Saas apps

When it comes to monitoring your Microsoft environment, the sky’s the limit (maybe that’s why they call it Azure). With so many tools out there it can be tough to know where to start and what to look for. We apply our detection strategy for each of Microsoft’s top services so the value from your investments is as clear as the sky is blue (okay, enough with the Azure puns).

What does Expel for Microsoft include?

Expel automates security operations across your Microsoft stack by ingesting signals from Defender for Endpoint, Azure, Sentinel, Office 365 and MCAS. We apply our detection strategy to these signals to identify activity that doesn’t look right like suspicious logins, data exfiltration, suspicious RDP activity or unusual inbox rules. We even add our own detections in the cloud (where they’re needed most) to ensure we detect suspicious activity before the damage is done.

When something’s suspicious, we investigate and tell you what happened and what you need to do about it (in plain English).

Detections for Microsoft

Our detections alert on Microsoft-specific features that attackers often exploit including suspicious and abnormal activity that may have otherwise slid through the cracks

Boost visibility across your Microsoft stack

Comprehensive monitoring of Microsoft’s tools and apps means you’re in the know from first alert to fix

Optimize signal

We make sure you get the most out of the Microsoft investments you’ve already made and give you the metrics to prove it

Collaboration on Teams

Our analysts (and bots) use the tools you’re in every day to message you when things look suspicious (so we can get things fixed ASAP)